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Figure Skating Dresses in Stock

Use the tool on the right to quickly locate a figure skating dress that is in stock and ready to ship.
Dresses that ship right away are generally received in 2-4 days.

Those figure skating dresses we currently have in stock have been grouped according to their size and the closest predominant color of the dress.  You can now search for any ice skating costume we have in stock by using the size only, color only, or a combination of both by using the filter on the right.  Keep in mind that although two different ice skating dresses may be called the same size, not all brands of figure skating dresses run the same - make sure and verify proper sizing with the sizing charts.  For further assistance, see our article on Choosing the Right Ice Skating Dress.
Chloe Noel Skating Dress DLV04* (SKU: CN-DLV04)Chloe Noel Skating Dress DLV04* (SKU: CN-DLV04)
Chloe Noel Skating Dress DLV90 (SKU: CN-DLV90)Chloe Noel Skating Dress DLV90 (SKU: CN-DLV90)
Chloe Noel Skating Dress DSV56* (SKU: CN-DSV56)Chloe Noel Skating Dress DSV56* (SKU: CN-DSV56)
Del Arbour Skating Dress D103* (SKU: DE-D103)Del Arbour Skating Dress D103* (SKU: DE-D103)
Del Arbour Skating Dress D110* (SKU: DE-D110)Del Arbour Skating Dress D110* (SKU: DE-D110)
Del Arbour Skating Dress D113* (SKU: DE-D113)Del Arbour Skating Dress D113* (SKU: DE-D113)
Del Arbour Skating Dress D114* (SKU: DE-D114)Del Arbour Skating Dress D114* (SKU: DE-D114)
Del Arbour Skating Dress D83* (SKU: DE-D83)Del Arbour Skating Dress D83* (SKU: DE-D83)
Del Arbour Skating Dress E46 (SKU: DE-E46)Del Arbour Skating Dress E46 (SKU: DE-E46)
Del Arbour Skating Dress E49* (SKU: DE-E49)Del Arbour Skating Dress E49* (SKU: DE-E49)
Del Arbour Skating Dress FG3* (SKU: DE-FG3)Del Arbour Skating Dress FG3* (SKU: DE-FG3)
HappyDance Dress 3004 - Silver (SKU: HAP-3004)HappyDance Dress 3004 - Silver (SKU: HAP-3004)
HappyDance Dress 3018 (SKU: HAP-3018)HappyDance Dress 3018 (SKU: HAP-3018)
Magnetism Skating Dress* (SKU: JR-100)Magnetism Skating Dress* (SKU: JR-100)
Jerry's Bordeaux Ballet Dress (SKU: JR-100a)Jerry's Bordeaux Ballet Dress (SKU: JR-100a)
Jerry's 103 Brocade in Blue Dress (SKU: JR-103)Jerry's 103 Brocade in Blue Dress (SKU: JR-103)
Jerry's 107 Enigmatic Dress (SKU: JR-107a)Jerry's 107 Enigmatic Dress (SKU: JR-107a)
Windmere Dress (SKU: JR-110)Windmere Dress (SKU: JR-110)
Jerry's 114  Crystal Cavalcade Dress - Black/Royal (SKU: JR-114)Jerry's 114 Crystal Cavalcade Dress - Black/Royal (SKU: JR-114)
Jerry's Sapphrical Dress (SKU: JR-118)Jerry's Sapphrical Dress (SKU: JR-118)
Jerry's 137 Petal Soft Skating Dress (SKU: JR-137)Jerry's 137 Petal Soft Skating Dress (SKU: JR-137)
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