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Superfeet Insoles
Superfeet Insoles
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Superfeet Insoles

If you suffer from a lack of arch support, have foot pain, or, despite adjustments, continue to roll inward on your skates (pronate), foot orthotics may help.  Many skaters have been able to improve their balance and comfort in their skates by replacing the regular footbed in their skates with Superfeet instead.

YELLOW Superfeet orthotic insoles are specifically designed to fit the heel-to-toe profile of figure skates and will provide fit, comfort and performance by helping to provide support for your feet. This insole features a firm, contoured shape that provides comfort that soft insoles cannot achieve.   A higher heel and agressive arch help fit the contour of a skate and increase the surface area contact between the midfoot and the insole.

BLUE Superfeet are designed with moderate support in mind.  The arch is less aggressive and the insole not as firm and a little more forgiving than the YELLOW.  Although not designed specifically for use in skates, it will still work for those skaters who need support, but cannot tolerate the higher arch or more contoured shape of the YELLOW.

BLACK Superfeet are designed for low profile support and are more forgiving than the BLUE.  They tend to work well in tight fitting footwear like skates.

All Superfeet feature Agion antimicrobial top cover treatment to reduce bacteria and help prevent foot odor.

Designed to be trimmed to fit.
Features Benefits
Narrow and moderately deep heel cup.
Friction control top cover.
Diamond venting perforations improve air circulation around foot.
Wider forefoot for improved fit in figure skates.