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Whirl-a-Style Hair Tool
Whirl-a-Style Hair Tool
Large - meant for finer, medium length hair - 3" diameterMedium/Jumbo - medium hair of any thickness - 2-1/4" diameterSmall - great for chin length hair and children's fine hair - 1-3/4" diameterMini - works for all hair types, just use in small sections  - 1" diameterThis bun made in 20 seconds without a mirror - no pins or clips needed!
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Whirl-a-Style Hair Tool

Now make a hair bun easily and in a matter of seconds!

Whirl-a-Style is a hairdressing tool that allows the hair to be pulled back into a twist or bun without the use of  pins or clips. This tool has a slit through the center which allows the hair to be pulled through and then rolled or styled as desired.  The synthetic material grips the hair without tangling or damaging the hair.

Use of this product is quick and easy.  The bun produced in the picture shown was created single handedly using a Jumbo Whirl-a-Style in 20 seconds without the use of a mirror.  No pins or clips were used.

Available in 5 different sizes designed to fit a particular hair type or desired style.
  • Jumbo Large -  for use with thick, long, or heavy hair - measures 3" in diameter
  • Large - for use with medium length or fine hair - measures 3" in diameter
  • Jumbo Medium - works well with any thickness - makes thin hair look fuller - measures 2-1/4" in diameter
  • Small - great for shorter, chin length hair or children's fine hair - measures 1-3/4" in diameter
  • Mini - works with any hair type, just use small amounts - measures 1" in diameter