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Super Teri Boot
Super Teri Boot
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Super Teri Boot

The SUPER TERI  model is well proven to be the stock boot of choice for skaters requiring firm ankle support with unequaled quality. This stock boot is designed for the rigorous ice skater doing single / double jumps, and; roller skaters doing figures, loops and pairs.

Features of the Super Teri  are: Clarino micro fiber upper material, reinforced ankle support, 3/8" ankle padding, and heel huggers. The lining is a tan color, smooth Clarino material for comfort and durability. The top edges are rolled and folded for added leg comfort. The tongue has 5/8" cushioning and has a center lace hook to hold the tongue in the center, thereby, preventing twisting to the outside.

This models can be ordered in the Helium Light Weight design for significant weight reduction.

SP Teri's are hand made and come with an abundance of options we can help you with such as combination widths, growth insoles, different types of tongue padding, etc.  As a result, it requires a Remote Fitting prior to purchase.  Contact us before ordering.