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Rockerz Skate Guards
Rockerz Skate Guards
16 Rockerz Colors to Choose From!!Rocker Shaped Bottom makes walking easier - less stress on joints.Wider Base for more stability.Heavy Duty Tread helps maintain grip on slippery surfaces.Indented, Ergonomic Grips for added safety when putting guards or taking off.
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Rockerz Skate Guards

Rockerz skate guards are made in the USA from high quality 100% recyclable plastic, but have the look and feel of rubber.  As a result, they provide exceptional grip and durability - lasting 3-4 times longer than other skate guards.

Secured to your blade with springs, each Rockerz half has a wider base than any other guard, a rocker shape unlike any other guard, and deep grips that make walking easier and less stressful on your joints.  They are also made longer so that they can fit any size blade without a large gap between each guard half.

Mix and match your colors - Design your own look - Even choose the color of your Springs!

16 different guard colors to choose from.  Silver or Gold springs.

Two colors per guards, two guards per pair of skates.  One set of springs.

The manufacturer obliges us to cut and assemble your Rockerz for you.  As a result, entering your blade model and size is required.  K-picks cannot be accomodated at this time.

All colors in stock.

How do I measure my blade?

How do I measure my blade?

Features Benefits
Heavy Tread Helps maintain grip on wet and slippery surfaces.
Wide Base More stability when walking.
Curved, rocker shaped bottom Allows you to roll through your walk, reducing impact and joint stress.
Indented ergonomic grips Safely grip the guard while putting on or taking off.