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SP Teri Boots

SP Teri Skates

We've been conducting professional skate fittings in person since 2003.  A personal skate fitting always beats buying them over the internet as there is more than just length and width measurements that go into selecting the most appropriate skate.  Different brands differ from one another in features and fit, just as do different models within the same brand.  If you are unsure and need help selecting a skate, feel free to contact us.  We've performed enough fittings over the years that we can conduct a "Remote Fitting" to ensure you get the most appropriate skate for your foot and skating level.

* SP Teri boots are hand made and come with an abundance of options.  As a result, SP Teri boots require a Remote Fitting prior to purchase and the prices shown below are approximate only.  Contact us prior to ordering.
Esclade BootEsclade Boot
The Esclade Boot is a softer boot meant for figures and roller dancers.

Pro Teri BootPro Teri Boot
The Pro Teri Boot is meant for beginning jumps and figures.

Super Teri BootSuper Teri Boot
Designed for single and double jumps.

SP Teri Dance BootSP Teri Dance Boot
The SP Teri Dance boot can be used for freestyle, dance or synchro.

SP Teri Zero Gravity BootSP Teri Zero Gravity Boot
Freesytle lightweight boot offering firm ankle support but quick break-in.

SP Teri KT-2SP Teri KT-2
Designed for skaters doing double and triple jumps.