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Eclipse Ice Skating Blades

Eclipse Ice Skating Blades

Eclipse Crescent Ice Skate BladeEclipse Crescent Ice Skate Blade
The Eclipse Crescent blade is recommended for a skater working at the higher basic level skills or low freeskate.

Eclipse Cosmos Ice Skate BladeEclipse Cosmos Ice Skate Blade
The Cosmos skate blade is designed for the rapidly improving instructional skater or beginning competitive skater doing single and double jumps.
Eclipse Volant Figure Skate BladeEclipse Volant Figure Skate Blade

Straight cut, parallel blade; perfect for the beginning competitive skater.

Eclipse Mist Figure Skate BladesEclipse Mist Figure Skate Blades
 Cross cut, parallel style blade; lower freestyle blade.

Eclipse Aurora Figure Skate BladeEclipse Aurora Figure Skate Blade
Cross cut, parallel edges, designed for the freestyle skater.

Eclipse Titanium Pinnacle Blade - DemoEclipse Titanium Pinnacle Blade - Demo
The Eclipse Titanium Pinnacle figure blade is designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater. 

Available in 9".
Eclipse Titanium Infinity Blades - DemoEclipse Titanium Infinity Blades - Demo
 Straight cut, parallel style blade; upper freestyle blade.

Available in 9-1/2"

Eclipse Pinnacle Figure BladeEclipse Pinnacle Figure Blade
The Eclipse Pinnacle figure skate blade is designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater.