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Eclipse Ice Skating Blades

Eclipse Ice Skating Blades

Eclipse Crescent Ice Skate BladeEclipse Crescent Ice Skate Blade
The Eclipse Crescent blade is recommended for a skater working at the higher basic level skills or low freeskate.

Eclipse Volant Figure Skate BladeEclipse Volant Figure Skate Blade

Straight cut, parallel blade; perfect for the beginning competitive skater.

Eclipse Mist Figure Skate BladesEclipse Mist Figure Skate Blades
 Cross cut, parallel style blade; lower freestyle blade.

Eclipse Titanium Infinity Blades - DemoEclipse Titanium Infinity Blades - Demo
 Straight cut, parallel style blade; upper freestyle blade.

Available in 9-1/2"

Eclipse Titanium Pinnacle Blade - DemoEclipse Titanium Pinnacle Blade - Demo
The Eclipse Titanium Pinnacle figure blade is designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater. 

Available in 9" and 9-1/2".