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John Wilson Figure Skate Blades

John Wilson Figure Skate Blades

Wilson Coronation Ace Figure Skating BladeWilson Coronation Ace Figure Skating Blade

Parallel style; freestyle/all purpose blade.

Wilson Pattern 99 Ice Skate BladeWilson Pattern 99 Ice Skate Blade
A top range free skating blade which offers an enlarged top toe pick for precise toe spotting. 
Wilson Gold Seal Figure Skate BladeWilson Gold Seal Figure Skate Blade
The Wilson Gold Seal blade features solid sole plates and a taered hollow for increased bite on edges.

Wilson Pattern 99 RevolutionWilson Pattern 99 Revolution
The Wilson Pattern 99 profile combined with  with carbon fiber technology to make a lightweight blade,

Wilson Gold Seal Revolution BladeWilson Gold Seal Revolution Blade
The Wison Gold Seal Revolution combines the original profile with carbon fiber technology for extra flexibility and weight reduction.