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MK Skating Blades

MK Skating Blades

MK Double Star Skate BladeMK Double Star Skate Blade

The MK Double Star has a cross cut toe pick, is a parallel sided; all purpose blade.

MK Vision Synchro Ice Skate BladeMK Vision Synchro Ice Skate Blade

Straight cut toe pick, parallel sided; syncronized skate blade.
MK Professional Figure Skate BladeMK Professional Figure Skate Blade

The MK Professional is a freestyle level blade with a Cross cut toe pick and parallel profile.
MK Vision Figure Skate BladeMK Vision Figure Skate Blade

Straight cut toe pick, parallel sided; freestyle blade for double and triple jumps.
MK Dance BladeMK Dance Blade

Straight cut toe pick, parallel sided; dance blade.

MK Phantom BladeMK Phantom Blade

Designed specifically for triple and quadruple jumps.

MK Gold Star Ice Skate BladeMK Gold Star Ice Skate Blade

The MK Gold Star blade is meant for those skaters performing tiple and quadruple jumps.
MK Phantom SpecialMK Phantom Special

The Phantom Special is identical to the MK Phantom but designed for more speed.
MK Phantom Revolution Skate BladeMK Phantom Revolution Skate Blade

Tapor Side Honed; freestyle blade.
MK Gold Star Revolution BladeMK Gold Star Revolution Blade

Tapor Side Honed; advanced freestyle blade.