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Types of Figure Skating Tights

Types of Figure Skating Tights

Choosing the right type of figure skating tights: Will the tights be used for practice or competition?  How frequently will you be using the figure skating tights?  Are you skating in a cold or warm ice rink?  All these factors and more come into play when choosing the figure skating tight that’s right for you.
1.  Footed Figure Skating Tights – This type of skating tight extends into the boot and fits similar to panty hose.  No additional socks are needed.  We offer a Bamboo/Nylon blend (MD-3301) footed tight which is absorbent, fast drying, and resistant to mold and mildew.  The MD-3301 footed tights are heavy weight, naturally opaque and usually used for skating practice as are the Cotton/Nylon blend (MD-3395) tights which come in Caramel color. Some skaters choose to use these thick tights for competition if they are skating in a cold ice rink. 
Micro-fiber tights (MD-3337 and MD-3322), despite being approximately twice the thickness of panty hose, are still thinner than Bamboo/Nylon or Cotton/Nylon skating tights.  Micro-fiber tights are generally considered to be performance tights and are very soft and comfortable.  Many of the tights on our site are offered in suntan, light tan and caramel colors to help match the skater's skin tone.

NOTE: Always keep an extra pair in your skate bag at competition time just in case.

2.  Over the Boot Skating Tights - Over the boot tights give the skater a longer, leaner look to their legs.  They also hold the skate laces in place so they do not unlace and help prevent the skater from hooking their boots together with the lace hooks when performing on the ice.  This style of skating tight is also offered in a Bamboo/Nylon blend (MD-3302) that is usually used for skating practice and for competitions if the skater is prone get cold at the ice rink. Micro-fiber tights (MD-3338 or MD-3368) are the most common over the boot tights for competition.  Both the Bamboo/Nylon and Micro-fiber styles offer clips that attach under the skate to hold the tight in place.  Socks or other hosiery should be used in the skate when wearing this type of skating tight.  Because over the boot tights are worn on the outside of the skate, they may have a tendency to develop holes at the toes due to contact with the skate blades while a skater is jumping or spinning.  Having at least 1 to 2 extra pair for competition is highly advisable!!

  3. Footless tights- Although footless tights are not as popular as the footed or over the boot tights, some skaters prefer to wear footless skating tights.  In this style, we offer thicker tights made of either a Cotton/Nylon blend or a Bamboo/Nylon blend, as well as the thinner Micro-fiber tights.  The skater will need to wear socks or other hosiery in their skates when wearing footless tights. 

Many skaters will choose to wear two pair of tights if they tend to be cold (most young skaters get very cold at many rinks).  In cases like this, we recommend wearing a thin footed pair of tights and then a thicker over the boot or footless tight over that. This should help keep the skater warm and comfortable.

Tight Comparison
Type Material Color Style
Sock/Knee High Footed Footless Over the Boot Denier Cotton Nylon Bamboo Black Suntan Light Tan Caramel Practice Competition Stoned
MD-104 x 40 x x x x
MD-106 x 40 x x x
JR-376 x x x x x
JR-377 x x x x
MD-3301 x 70 x x x
MD-3302 x 70 x x x
MD-3303 x 70 x x x
MD-3312 x 40 x x x x
MD-3322 x 80 x x x
MD-3337 x 70 x x x x
MD-3338 x 70 x x x x
MD-3339 x 70 x x x
MD-3368 x 60 x x x
MD-3395 x 70 x x x
CN-OTB8832 x 70 x x x x
CN-OTB8832S x 70 x x x x
CN-TF8830 x 70 x x x x
CN-TF8830S x 70 x x x x

DENIER - a measurement of the thickness of the fibers used in making the tights.  The higher the denier, the thicker the fabric and therefore the more durable and warmer the tights.  Practice tights tend to be much thicker and warmer than competition tights.
10-20 denier - Sheer
30-40 denier - Semi-Opaque
60-80 denier - Opaque
100    denier - Very Opaque

Skating tights made with COTTON use nylon on the outside for durability while capitalizing on the warmth and comfort cotton provides.

BAMBOO tights are resistant to mold and mildew and are non-allergenic.

NYLON is used to provide a soft, comfortable fit.

Skating Tight Colors