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Figure Skate Laces, Boot Covers, SK8Tape and Orthotics

Figure Skate Laces, Boot Covers, SK8Tape and Orthotics

Edea Anti Shock InsolesEdea Anti Shock Insoles
Disperses up to 43% of impact away from your body, aiding in the protection of bones and joints.
Edea Lace StrapsEdea Lace Straps
Edea Lace Straps provide extra support and resistance to the tongue as well as protect laces.
Superfeet InsolesSuperfeet Insoles

Designed to ease foot pain by providing orthotic support inside your skates.
Sk8 TapeSk8 Tape
Sk8tape (pronounced skate tape) is a revolutionary product that doubles as a boot protector & boot polish.
Figure Skate LacesFigure Skate Laces
Polyester figure skate laces in assorted lengths.

Black, White, Pink or Beige.

Rhinestone LacesRhinestone Laces
Cotton blend laces with rhinestones placed in the center.

White or Beige.

Lace TightenerLace Tightener
Use this hook to avoid the pain associated with pulling your laces tight on your boots.

Got smelly boots? These scented deoderizers will help.
Odor AidOdor Aid

Disinfectant/deodorizer kills ordor causing bacteria on sports equipment  other non-porus surfaces.
Microfiber Skate TowelMicrofiber Skate Towel
Super absorbent microfiber towel with mesh drawstring bag with clip.
Wipe 'n DryWipe 'n Dry
Use this chamois leather cloth as a towel to help you dry your blades and keep them dry!
Chloe Noel Boot CoversChloe Noel Boot Covers
Boot covers made of the same material as Chloe Noel skating pants.
Lycra Boot CoversLycra Boot Covers
Protect your boots from scratches and help them stay looking like new.  
Choose from different colors to match your outfit.

Fleece Thinsulate Boot CoversFleece Thinsulate Boot Covers
Lined fleece boot covers with a velcro strap.
Come in black or white.
Velvet Boot CoversVelvet Boot Covers
Help protect your boots from scuffs and scratches and keep your laces out of the way. 

Blue, Black, Pink or White.   White and Black come with or without glitter.
Boot GlovesBoot Gloves
Snug fitting insulated boot covers for added warmth.