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Choosing the Right Ice Skating Dresses

Choosing the Right Ice Skating Dresses

When selecting a figure skating dress, there are two main factors to consider:  proper fit and purpose.

Proper Fit

Each ice skating dress company has their own skate dress designs and fabrics which provide our customers an abundance of choices.  It’s worth noting, however, that one manufacturer’s figure skate dress designs may fit one skater better than another based on the skater’s body shape and size. Each figure skating dress manufacturer offers a sizing chart but sizes can vary from one skating dress design to another (even from the same manufacturer) so we ask our customers to take into account all the measurements before making a final decision on size. Although it’s tempting, the age of a skater is not the best way to determine the best skate dress size, especially if the skater is still growing. 
To fit properly, figure skating dresses should fit snug but still allow enough room for the skater to move, feel comfortable, and grow.  Figure skating dresses are made of 4-way stretch material and so will “grow” with the skater to a certain extent.  The ideal fit would be an ice skating dress that fits snug (not tight) in the front with a tiny ripple of fabric along the back that will allow the skater to extend their arms over their head without the panty riding up or the sleeves dropping down.


Choosing the right ice skating dress can sometimes feel overwhelming whether it is a practice dress or competition dress. You may want to consider the temperature of the rink, especially in the winter months.  Some skater's home rinks may not be very cold; however, if the skater is competing out of town or in another ice rink, that rink may be considerably colder.  Perhaps a long sleeved skating dress or even an undergarment underneath may keep the skater warm and comfortable.  (You can find a selection of undergarments in our Accessory Clothing section).  We keep a very large selection of figure skating dresses in stock and many of our dresses are very "bra friendly" but we also sell bras with clear plastic adjustable straps (MO-2493) giving the skater an opportunity not to be limited to just “bra friendly” figure skating dresses.

If you are Testing, an elegant looking black or dark colored dress without alot of "fru-fru" is generally the best choice.  It can have a few stones or a little glitter, but you want it to be conservative in appearance.  After all, Testing is a serious affair and you want that serious, business-like look.  

When it comes to selecting a Competition dress, you want to try and match the dress to your music as much as possible.  Here, that black dress you just used for Testing is totally out of place if you're skating to the theme from Frozen.  A Spanish number needs a Spainish looking dress; a soft pink dress isn't a good match for fast upbeat music.  Think about your music and what color and style would match it.  Do you need something soft and flowy, shiny and loud, or something in between?  Obviously, your interpretation of the music may not be the same as someone else's, but you want to match the dress close enough to the music that the competition judges are focusing on your skating, not wondering in the back of their mind why you are wearing a dress that is clearly out of place. The right dress may not help you win your competition, but the wrong dress can certainly keep you from winning.

For Practice, people generally go with less expensive, less fancy dresses.  After all, there's not any judges or audience to impress during Practice.  You're out there to learn and improve.  You'll probably be wearing this dress more often than your Testing or Competition dress, so make sure you get something you like and feel good in.
Since 2003, Icessorize Unlimited has provided their customers with high quality, affordable, and beautiful figure skating dresses.  You can feel comfortable knowing that you will be satisfied with both the quality of the products from the figure skating dress manufacturers we choose to represent as well as the first rate service we provide to our customers.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will make our best recommendation to ensure the best fit possible whether it is a competition dress, practice skating dress, or any ice skating apparel that we offer.