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Guards & Soakers
Guards & Soakers - two of the most important things you need to keep your blade protected. Here you can find Rockerz skate guards, Zookerz blade covers, flashing guards, fuzzy soakers and more creative ways to protect your skate blades.
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Fun Food Blade SoakersFun Food Blade Soakers
Super sized blade soakers with extra puffy interiors resembling your favorite fruit.
Fuzzy SoakersFuzzy Soakers

Wild colors and designs - these overstuffed soakers will help keep your blades dry and protect them from impact.
Rhinestone Skate GuardsRhinestone Skate Guards
Rockerz Skate GuardsRockerz Skate Guards
Ergonomically designed to last 3-4 times longer, fit your blades better, and make walking easier than typical skate guards.

Mix and match colors to design your own look.  16 different colors to choose from!
Tuff Terry Blade CoversTuff Terry Blade Covers
TuffTerrys are blade soakers that have reinforced bottoms to help resist puncture from sharp blades while still helping to keep moisture off the blades and prevent rust.
Wipe 'n DryWipe 'n Dry
Use this chamois leather cloth as a towel to help you dry your blades and keep them dry!
Zookerz Talking SoakersZookerz Talking Soakers

The blade covers that talk.