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Skating Blog

Skating Blog

We are fortunate to have a retired Certified Orthotist, Skating Coach, and Competition Judge (all wrapped into one) on staff as one of our Skate Technicians.  Her unique blend of experience has resulted in her becoming highly sought after as a Skate Fitter.  Figure skaters from New Zealand, Alaska, Mexico, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Virginia, Utah and more have traveled to Texas to have their skates personally fit by Patti Larkin.  She has even fit skates for the children of multiple former Olympians as well as young Olympian hopefuls and been able to successfully conduct Remote Fittings for skaters as far away as Alaska, Thailand, South Africa and Brazil.  She has created a blog to assist and educate skaters in a number of areas, including the different aspects of skating, skating accessories, preparing for competitions and more.

Visit with Patti and ask her your questions at Skate Talk.